Memcached is a widespread distributed memory object caching system, which can enhance the loading speed and the performance of your sites substantially if they use an API or a database. This is achieved by caching the calls to the database/API and the responses that are returned, so if someone searches for a certain product on your website, for example, the database won’t have to be accessed to display the results and the whole operation will be executed notably faster. That goes for all sorts of database-powered apps and not only for web stores, since every time a particular web page is opened, the application sends a database query to fetch the content that should be shown. With Memcached, not only will your website load noticeably faster, but it will also create much less server load. If any data in the database is updated, the cached responses will also be updated, so the users will not see any out-of-date info.
Memcached in Cloud Website Hosting
If you host script-based websites in a cloud website hosting account with us, you can add the Memcached data caching system to your shared web hosting package with only a few mouse clicks via your Hepsia Control Panel. The upgrade will be available immediately and, since the PHP extension required for it is already installed on our innovative cloud website hosting platform, you can start using it straight away. To give you more flexibility, we offer two separate upgrades related to the number of instances (i.e. how many Internet sites will use Memcached) and to the system memory that the Memcached caching system will use. The latter comes in increments of 16 megabytes and you can add memory whenever you need. Logically, the more memory Memcached is allowed to use, the more content it will cache, so if you have a resource-hungry website with lots of data, you may require more memory to be able to make the most of the power that Memcached can offer you.