With a mailing list, you’re able to send the exact same e-mail to separate recipients at the same time. The list is a collection of their email addresses, so when you send out a single email message to the mailing list’s address, newsletter@domain.com – for example, it will be forwarded automatically to all the mailing list subscribers right away. Usually, users have to register for such a list, but sometimes their email addresses can be included manually too, based on the software program that is used to manage the list itself. You can use the mailing list feature to contact potential or current customers and to send them notifications, brand new offerings and other sorts of info on a periodic basis. This will show your desire to remain in touch with them and will increase the popularity of your web site.
Mailing Lists in Cloud Website Hosting
If you make use of any of our cloud website hosting services and our email services in particular, you will be able to create a mailing list without any difficulty or even use multiple mailing lists, if you want to get in touch with different types of people and to send them different info. With only several clicks in the Email Manager section of your Hepsia Control Panel, you will be able to select the mailbox which the content will be sent from, and the admin email address and password that you will use to administer various settings. We make use of Majordomo, one of the most widespread mailing list clients available on the market, which will enable you to authorize/remove mailing list subscribers and to edit quite a few settings regarding the subscribers and the emails they receive.